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Kronicle Newsletter – 10 September 2017

THANK YOU SUNDAY Today we are celebrating all the people in our lives who care for us. Whether that be official people like firemen, police, ambulance, nurses and teachers or the family members, friends and carers who give so much of their time to support those that...

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Kronicle Newsletter – 3 September 2017

Congratulations to all our fathers, grandfathers and soon to be fathers. This is also a day to remember the fathers who are no longer with us but who have been a loving influence in our lives. Today we have 3 preachers in each service to encourage and inspire us...

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Kronicle Newsletter – 27 August 2017

COUNTERFEIT GODS Today in the sixth and final week of our series, we’re looking at the gods of our culture that leads to us making our nation or our-selves the god in our lives. We can see this through history, but how much more in our day do we cling to things that...

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Journey to the King

In the lead up to Christmas we look at Matthew 2:1-23 and the journey of the three kings who visited Jesus… but the bible doesn’t say there were three of them, just three gifts and it also doesn’t say kings, but Magi, they were more like our modern day academics or...

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The Authority of Jesus

There’s a word in the New Testament: thau-mä'-zō (θαυμάζω) which means; to wonder, to be amazed or to be in awe. This word is used a number of times to describe the response of people who saw the impossible take place.  Jesus calming the storm, exorcising demons,...

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