2017 Easter Festival

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Thank you for coming to enjoy Easter Festival 2017 with our church family. We hope that you and your family and friends had a great day out.

As Pastor Matt shared with us, Easter is one of the most important celebrations of the Christian faith. You might have thought it would Christmas when the baby Jesus came into the world. Christmas is definitely significant, but Easter is the celebration of what God the Father sacrificed for us when he sent his Son to die for our sins. You and I couldn’t pay the debt that our sin had cost our relationship with him. In Easter, we see the sorrow of Jesus death on the cross and the victory of his coming back to life. He did this for you and me.

Now that you’ve survived the inflatable castles, sausages and baking here are some great memories of the sack races, bucking bull rides and easter egg hunts so you can share the crazy photos with family and friends on Facebook. Click on the smaller photos to open up a larger image. You can then click back and forth using the arrows on the left and right. When you find a photo you want to share click on the Facebook icon in the bottom left corner. Enjoy!

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