Bible Reading

Bible Reading Plan

Join us as we discover this exciting new way to study God’s word together!

Click on the below links and accept the invitation to join each of the reading plans.

23rd January – Faith among Grasshopper Hearts

28th February – The Book of Mysteries – Defining Love

3rd March – God Where are You?

10th March – Meditating on Jesus at Easter

18th April – I Forgive You, But….


Bible App’s

Imagine walking around with a whole bible in your pocket that you take wherever you go, but with this bible, you don’t have to squint to see the tiny font! Not just bibles, but commentaries, maps, devotional helps, even audio bible options! There are a host of different bible apps out there, click here for a list of a few that could be useful, so why not go to your mobile device’s app store and download a few… and yes, you have permission to use them at church too, as long as that’s all you’re using your phone for 😉

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