Kruger Care

Taking Care of Our Community
At Kruger Parade Baptist, we have a heart for those in our church and our community who are in need. Our care team meets regularly to ensure that those who need a helping hand, receive it in the best way we can through visitation, phone calls and practical assistance. We also connect in with our prayer ministry, life groups and other ministries to make sure that the network of care is spread wide, to cover the diverse needs that present themselves.

We regularly take up offerings for the express purpose of having the financial capacity to help those in need. We have had the privilege of serving many people in different ways by these means in the last two years, mostly through providing food hampers for individuals and families. This help is of course delivered through strict guidelines to ensure the help meets people’s short term problems, together with helping with longer term solutions and where necessary, connecting with other networks of care in our region.

If you would like to support the work of Kruger Care or be involved in this team who help within our community, please contact the church office. Financial donations can be made via direct deposit. Please mark them for Kruger Care so that the money can be sent to the appropriate account.

We don’t have the capacity to take on any second hand goods, however would encourage these to be given to the many great charity stores in our region for their use. We particularly would encourage donations of second hand goods to be delivered to the Salvation Army in Goodna on Smith St where we have ongoing contacts.

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