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Kronicle Newsletter – 25 September 2016

UPCOMING SERVICES Next Sunday morning the youth of our church will be leading our service in worship and in communion. Pastor Monty will give the next message in our series on 2 Peter 1. Please come along and support our young people. After the church camp we will be...

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Kronicle Newsletter – 18 September 2016

BOOK SWAP Today is our Book Swap. There will be a table placed in the hall for you to put your no longer wanted children’s and adult Christian books onto. They must be in good condition. During morning tea you are welcome to peruse them and please feel free to take...

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Kronicle Newsletter – 11 September 2016

GUEST SPEAKERS This morning we welcome our guest speaker Pastor Godfrey Egwu. We also celebrate the dedication of Ella and Bella Heazlewood. Pastor Mark Mackay, the Senior Pastor of Forest Lake Baptist Church, will share the message at today’s evening service at...

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2 Peter Chapter 1: Versus 1-2

We begin our series of 2 Peter 1:1-2 by asking who was Simon Peter? Simon Peter through the Holy Spirit was the first one to acknowledge Jesus as God. His birth name was just ‘Simon’ until Jesus added to his name ‘Peter’ declaring that he would be the corner stone to...

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Christian Rebranded – Week 7: Loopholes

The heart of Jesus’ message is to love like he loved (John 13:34-35)   and that sounds incredibly simple.  The problem is that, because he’s perfect and he’s the creator of love and he’s God, we couldn’t ever live up to His high standard of love! So we take this...

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