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Kronicle Newsletter – 26 February 2017

FRUITFULNESS ON THE FRONTLINE This is our fourth week in our Fruitfulness on the Frontlines series and today we’re looking at Ministering Love and Grace. Ministering is how we serve people and when we give love and grace, it’s not out of hearts that are trying harder,...

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Kronicle Newsletter – 19 February 2017

FRUITFULNESS ON THE FRONTLINE Our new integrated series ‘Fruitfulness on the Frontline’ is into week 3. Our Frontline is a place or time where we regularly meet with people who don’t know Jesus. It also includes all places in life where we invest time and energy:...

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Journey to the King

In the lead up to Christmas we look at Matthew 2:1-23 and the journey of the three kings who visited Jesus… but the bible doesn’t say there were three of them, just three gifts and it also doesn’t say kings, but Magi, they were more like our modern day academics or...

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The Authority of Jesus

There’s a word in the New Testament: thau-mä'-zō (θαυμάζω) which means; to wonder, to be amazed or to be in awe. This word is used a number of times to describe the response of people who saw the impossible take place.  Jesus calming the storm, exorcising demons,...

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