Who is Jesus

The Reason we Believe

As a church family we are group of real people. Old and Young, Aussie and Immigrant, Married and Single, we are the full expression of a creative God living and walking through life together. Some of us are living in celebration and others are walking in a time of brokenness or healing.

Like you we have different times in our lives where we learn, lean and live. We all acknowledge we are sinners who are saved not because we ‘got better’ or ‘became’ good. We are Christians because we follow Jesus Christ, the Son of God and he is our Saviour.

When we say we ‘follow’ Jesus, we are saying that we want to live the way he intended. Our goal is the life he lived, which was to give glory to his Father. While Jesus lived a sinless life, we were born into sin through Adam and we keep coming back to him to confess our sins because he is faithful to forgive us.

We don’t take the saving grace of Jesus for granted. We recognise that he died a painful death on the cross to the point of shedding blood in payment for the sins we have and will commit. We also know that Jesus took this step in obedience to his Father in order to set us free and so we should also live in that freedom, expressing our thanks, and worship back to God.

Come along to Kruger and learn about “Who is Jesus”.  What you will find is that there is more to the son of God than the urban myth and legend you may have picked up amongst the swear words of life.


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