Vision and Mission

The Bible Foundations and Vision of Our Community

Our Purpose

This is the reason why we exist as a Church. It is does not change over time. Our purpose is not to be confused with our vision and mission.

“To be seeking and glorifying God”


Our Vision (2022-2029)

Vision is where we are headed. It gives us a measurable picture of an unrealized future.

“To develop a vibrant community hub for people to find belonging and encounter Jesus”

Our Mission (2014−2020)

Mission is how we get to the vision. If there are different ministry missions they must line up the the overall Church’s mission.

“To engage our community with the Gospel and nurture believers in their Christian life (Matthew 28:18-20)”

Disciples of Jesus

At Kruger Parade Baptist Church, a disciple is someone who:

  • Has made a faith response to the Gospel.
  • Has been baptised.
  • Observes regular Bible reading and reflection, prayer, church community involvement and giving.
  • Exercises God given spiritual gifts to bring glory to God.
  • Is growing towards a Christ- centered life (showing the fruits of the Spirit) where their relationship with Jesus guides everything they do.
  • Shares their faith with non- believers.
  • Disciples others, teaching them the ways of God.

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